Stuff I've done

Most of the examples below are collaborative efforts when I was working at Abacus e-Media. I'm now working as an in-house front end developer at B&Q, so I don't do much freelance work anymore (except to occasionally help friends out).

So who's basher?

I'm glad you asked. “basher” is an old school nickname that's pretty much stuck. For many years I was an aspiring rock star, thrashing my drums on sweaty stages for many bands, but mainly for UK rockers bushbaby.

As a sideline, I combined my artistic creativity & background in computers by building websites for local bands, teaching myself the fundamentals of web design, and experiencing the joys of browser testing in Netscape! But I've left those “hobbyist” days behind me now… I've been a full-time front-end web developer since 2007.

This site will be my new online playground, a gentle respite from my current day job at Abacus. It'll work OK in old versions of Internet Explorer, but it won't look as pretty as I can't be bothered to polyfill all those sh(IE)t inadequacies! So, for an optimum experience, use a decent browser.